‘’You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients’’ Julia Child


Would you like to live an authentic Italian Cooking Experience?

We will welcome you in an Italian-style country house surrounded by olive trees and directly to the lake. We’ll get know each other while enjoying a refreshing water with lemons from Lake Garda, a good coffee and a sweet pastry. You’ll discover the secrets of the Italian cuisine inspired by tradition and innovation. We’ll use vegetables and aromatic herbs picked up from my lovely garden and extra virgin olive oil from very local groves. We’ll have fun cooking together traditional Italian recipes. Finally, you’ll sit around a table for a convivial leisurely lunch on the beautiful terrace or in our veranda with a breathtaking view of the lake.

Enjoy the Italian Slow Food and Slow Life!

Location: Manerba del Garda
Venue: Good Food Good Mood Home
Starting time: 10.00 a. m.
Approximately: 5 hours (including final lunch)
What: Half a day hands-on Cooking Class
Included: brochure with recipes, cooking class, gardening, lunch
Participants: minimum 2 guests, maximum 8 guests

*** For the SAFETY of our health, the number of guests will be reduced and all government recommendations will be followed. We ask you to introduce yourself with the mask and we will provide you with gloves and a sanitized environment.

PRIVATE COOKING + DINNER | honeymoon and birthday
Looking for a tasty experience to celebrate an unforgettable honeymoon or birthday?

We will choose together the theme and the menù of your Cooking Experience according to your taste! You can enjoy the beauty and the peace of our place.

  •  Starting time: 10.00 a.m. or 18.00 p.m.
  • Private Cooking for 2 people, 125 € per person
  • Private groups: minimum 6, maximum 8 guests. From 85€

Choose your Cooking:


Want to make the best Italian pizza at your home?

 Pizza is the main symbol of Italianicity in the world and overall convivial food.

We’ll discover together different doughs and baking methods to cook the crunchy Focaccia with cheese from Liguria region and the traditional Pizza from Naples. ‘Margherita’ will be the first pizza… the Pizza Queen! The second one will be created with the best high-quality Italian ingredients. Our dessert will be an artisanal Italian ice cream!

85€ per person


Would you like to learn the real Italian homemade pasta from scratch?

The Cooking Class is about discovering the secrets of the authentic Italian homemade pasta. We will have fun kneading the dough and cutting different pasta shapes such as tagliatelle, lasagnette and ravioli. We’ll cook two typical Italian regional sauces for a ‘Taste travel around Italy’ through homemade pasta. At the end of the Cooking Class, you will enjoy 2 pasta dishes paired with Lugana, the fine local white-wine, and a delicious Italian dessert!

From 95€ per person


Want to discover the richness of the Italian Gastronomy and its typical food? 

The Cooking Class is a taste travel around Italian regional cuisines, their traditional dishes and their local food ingredients.  During the cooking class, we’ll cook a 4-course menù made up of dishes typical of 4 different Italian regions. We’ll use vegetables and herbs picked up from my garden and high-quality Italian ingredients, like Slow Food products, sourced by small artisanal producers. Finally, we’ll have a relaxing time with a glass of local wine in the garden and sit (‘a tavola’) around a nice laid table.  You’ll enjoy a typical Italian lunch paired with a fine wine from the region.

 From 105 € per person


Would you like to cook like a contemporary Italian Chef?

The Cooking Class is a fully experience of exploring, cooking and tasting the Italian traditional gastronomic culture and Good Food’s modern cuisine. We’ll use vegetables and herbs picked up from the garden and high-quality Italian ingredients sourced by the best artisanal producers. During the cooking class, we’ll cook a 4-course menu made up of traditional Italian recipes influenced by the modern cooking. Once the cooking is done, we’ll make a toast for our good job with a fine local wine. Finally, we’ll end all sitting around a table, elegantly set with Italian ceramics, linen napkins and fresh flowers from our garden. You’ll enjoy the warmth of Italian hospitaly and delicious dishes paired with other 2 different wines from the territory cellars.

115 € per person


Do you like cooking and enjoying good food with good wine?
The Food Experience takes place in Franciacorta renowned for its sparkling wines. At Castelveder winery, a high- quality family-run business, we’ll discover the secrets of the production of the Franciacorta method, visiting the winery and walking through the vineyards. The cooking class starts with a glass of sparkling wine and an Italian aperitivo. It will be dedicated to traditional homemade pasta with the best local ingredients. At the end we will enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner with the 2 pasta dishesprepared together paired with two glasses of wine and a typical Italian dessert. A real food and wine experience!



Venue: Franciacorta
Location: Cantina Castelveder
Starting time: 10.00 a. m. / 17.00 p.m.
Approximately: 5 hours (including final lunch)
What: half a day cooking and wine tasting experience
Included: cooking class + winery visit + wine tasting + lunch
Participants: minimum 6, maximum around 30
Ideal for your family, for a group of friends or for team building events to find in the kitchen the ability to work in a team and inspire creativity.

€ 95


Chloe from New York | Private Cooking Class

We took a private pasta-making class with Maria on our honeymoon in August 2018 in which we made two pastas, two sauces, and tiramisu. Maria is incredibly personable and knowledgeable. Everything was absolutely delicious, including the local wine that we had with our lunch once we were done making it! We learned some great tips and tricks that we are very excited to take back to our kitchen in the US. Thanks Maria!