Good Food Good Mood is the way to live a real
Italian food experience.
We are in the wonderful area of Lake Garda, Franciacorta
and Lake Iseo featured by a rich eno-gastronomic culture.

We love to share our passion for good food and gatherings.


You like to put your hands in the dough and to feed your friends with good food. The Cooking Experience is about discovering the secrets of the Italian cuisine inspired by tradition and innovation. Bring home authentic Italian recipes!



You’re a foodie, always curious to explore new flavors and food cultures.

The Tasting Experience is a way to visit Italian local farmers and to taste
their high-quality food.

Make ricotta with the producers and taste it still warm, mouthwatering!


You enjoy good food and like to share it with close friends or new ones.
The gathering experience will make you live a real Italian convivial dine.
Enjoy good food and good friends!

We celebrate the Italian slow food and slow living.

Come to join us!

Our food philosophy is about quality seasonal ingredients, market fresh and sourced from trusted artisanal farmers. Our food is real, simple and beautiful.


Maria Pasotti, gastronome and cook. I founded Good Food Good Mood to spread the love of good and real food and to share the Italian pleasure of gathering.

At home I serve the kind of Food I know the story behind. M. Pollan