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Share good food and the Italian tradition of gathering.


Making fresh pasta with Maria was an amazing experience!! One of the best days of my life where I felt that I met someone who can share my passion about food, what we can learn about food and what we can do with learning about food. It was an amazing experience from the start to the end. I couldn’t make it for the available dates that Maria listed on the Airbnb site but I was really interested in this experience. So I found Maria’s blog goodfoodgoodmood and left her a comment. She was very kind to adjust her schedule and I was very lucky to be able to enjoy this experience. She made sure that my journey to the designated train station was well planned and she picked me up from the train station. Her house and kitchen were amazing!! It was such a comfortable environment to work in. I learnt so much from her and she was truly inspiring. I recommend this experience to anyone who loves food loves pasta and loves Italy!!! What can be better than learning to make fresh pasta? Learning it from Maria :’)


We went with Maria Pasotti of Good Food Good Mood, a guide who wrote her thesis on extra virgin olive oil and studied “slow food at the university. She took us to a local mill to taste the new oil, and the we took a 10 minute ferry to Montisola,the largest lake island in Italy, population only a couple thousand- very different kind of place. We enjoyed meeting a local fisherman who catches and dries shad which are similar to sardines. This fish has a “slow food presidium”, and we got to try it at lunch. Then we met two sisters who have a family farm, and I finally got to see some goats! Not to mention 7 cats 2 dogs, pigs, cows, etc. we tasted their products and it was so nice to experience this place where they work so hard, even the parents were harvesting the olives on a slope! It was a great experience. Not the jet-setter Lake Como kind of lake but I loved it!